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This & That by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek

In this delightful tale, two mice set off on a storytelling adventure that takes them through cavernous caves, atop crazy giraffes, and over palace walls until they return safely home to the comfort of their beds. A sweet, rhyming story, This & That is perfect for helping children develop their sequencing skills!


Egg by Kevin Henkes

This masterful and stylistically original picture book introduces young children to four eggs. One is blue, one is pink, one is yellow, and one is green. Three of the eggs hatch, revealing three baby birds who fly away. But the green egg does not hatch. Why not? When the three birds return to investigate, they’re in for a big surprise! What will happen next?


Pete the Cat: Five Little Ducks by James Dean

#1 New York Times bestseller James Dean turns it up in Pete the Cat’s cool adaptation of the classic children’s song “Five Little Ducks.”



Barbie: Video Game Hero

When Barbie™ magically gets pulled into her favorite video game, she transforms into a roller-skating character and must use her smarts and skills to save her new friends!


Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

Cody, Chicken Joe and Lani are back in their most epic adventure yet! The most radical surfing dream team, The Hang Five puts Cody and his friends to the test and teaches them the meaning of teamwork as they journey to the most legendary surfing spot on the planet.


LEGO Jurassic Park: The Indominus Escape

When Simon Masrani accidentally destroys one of the park’s main attractions, he calls upon his trusted employee, Claire, to save the park! After some quick dino-DNA building in Dr. Wu’s lab, Claire comes up with the perfect solution that is sure to please Masrani and kids everywhere - The Indominus rex - the smartest, biggest, scariest and hot dog-loving hybrid dinosaur ever created!



Never Never by James Patterson and Candice Fox

go anywhere without leaving a trace. Far from the world she knows and desperate to clear her brother's name, Harry has to mine the dark secrets of her strange new home for answers to a deepening mystery-before she vanishes in a place where no one would ever think to look for her.


Little Heaven by Nick Cutter

A trio of mismatched mercenaries is hired by a young woman for a deceptively simple task: check in on her nephew, who may have been taken against his will to a remote New Mexico backwoods settlement called Little Heaven. Shortly after they arrive, things begin to turn ominous. Stirrings in the woods and over the treetops—the brooding shape of a monolith known as the Black Rock casts its terrible pall. Paranoia and distrust grips the settlement. The escape routes are gradually cut off as events spiral towards madness.


Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

In this spine-tingling tale Ingrid Coleman writes letters to her husband, Gil, about the truth of their marriage, but she never sends them. Instead she hides them within the thousands of books her husband has collected. After she writes her final letter, Ingrid disappears.



Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

When Army Major Susan Turner is framed for treason, Jack Reacher discovers she’s the target of a massive government conspiracy. Together, they will risk everything to take down a powerful organization that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets.



David Ghantt discovers the true meaning of adventure far beyond his wildest dreams when he goes from the night guard at an armored car company to the man behind one of the biggest bank heists in American history.


The Birth of a Nation

Set against the antebellum South, THE BIRTH OF A NATION follows Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner, accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities, against himself and his fellow slaves, Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.



The Last Message Received Edited by Emily Trunko

What if a message someone sends you today is the last you’ll ever receive from them? Would you respond differently, or even at all, if you knew that the end of a friendship, a brutal breakup, or worse might be coming, and that this might be your only chance?


The Singing Bones by Shaun Tan

With an introduction by Jack Zipes, noted fairy tale historian and Grimm expert, Shaun Tan's latest is like a brilliant museum exhibition that leads readers through the tales of the Brothers Grimm accompanied by sculptures of incredible power and originality. Each spread pairs a short excerpt from the tale with a Tan sculpture. Fuller descriptions of the tales are included in the back matter, along with suggestions of where to read complete retellings.